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Vein, Vascular pattern
Veines, Réseau vasculaire

Joseph Rice is the originator of this technology where a low cost B&W CCD camera with near infrared LED array is used to read the veins beneath the skin.
Joseph Rice est à l'origine de cette technologie, où une caméra CCD N&B munie de LED émettant dans le proche infra-rouge éclairent le réseau veineux situé sous la peau.

  • Vein Biometric Home Page (Joseph Rice)
  • (2007 May) The Future of Vein Recognition By Joe Rice (local copy on my website for the records).
  • The Hand Vein Pattern Used as a Biometric Feature / Master Literature Thesis by Annemarie Nadort
  • Luminetx VeinViewer

    Different part of the body can be used, generally the hand or the finger.
    Différentes parties du corps peuvent être utilisées, en général la main ou le doigt.

    (2006 Oct) Hitachi movie about vein recognition.

    Back of the hand
    Dos de la main

  • Tech-Sphere
  • VeinID
  • Vue infrarouge du dos de la main

    Palm /
    Paume de la main

  • Fujitsu
  • Palm veins Extrated palm veins


  • Hitachi
  • Réseau veineux du doigt mechanism Hitachisoft


  • US patent 2003/0086592
  • Lecteur pour réseau veineux du poignet

    Extracted vector patterns are used to identify the coordinates of branch points, and generate a unique vein map signature.
    Un squelette du réseau veineux est extrait, d'où on identifie les emplacements des embranchements qui sert à générer une signature unique.

    PosID has proposed (U.S. Patent # 5,351,303) to read the thermal image of the fingertip using an infrared camera (Merlin camera from Indigo Systems Inc. using a 320 x 240 microbolometer array and filters optimized for 7- to 8-µm detection).
    PosID a proposé (brevet US 5,351,303) de lire l'image thermique du bout du doigt en utilisant une caméra infra-rouge (caméra Merlin d'Indigo Systems, basée sur une matrice de 320 x 240 microbolomètres plus un filtre optimisé pour la détection dans la bande des 7 à 8 µm).

    Feature extraction

    Merlin infrared camera from Indigo Flat IR sensor

    (2000) Next step is to integrate a microlens array directly on a CMOS sensor in order to manufacture a flat sensor.
    (2000) La prochaine étape est d'intégrer un reseau de microlentilles directement sur un capteur CMOS dans l'objectif d'obtenir un capteur plat.


    Luminetx proposes a device able to read the vein pattern, and to project the image directly on the skin, the VeinViewer, which is not directly biometrical recognition but very close.

    Luminetx VeinViewer

  • Snowflake demo

  • Standard

    (MAY-2006): none / aucun

    Commercial products


  • Fujitsu PalmSecure product
  • (2002) Fujitsu "mouse"
  • (2003) Fujitsu palm-vein authentication used in some japanese banks.
  • (2003)Fujitsu datasheet
  • (2006 Mar) PalmSecure
  • (2007 Sep) Fujitsu releases the PalmSecure Mouse, a mouse with an integrated palm reader.
  • (2008 Oct) BayCare Health System offers vein ID in Tampa's hospitals (via TampaBay).
  • Palm vein sensor
  • (2009 Apr) Fujitsu, partnering with Allscripts, recently introduced the Allscripts Patient Kiosk for health care patients to confirm their identities, using the PalmSecure.
  • (2006)Yarg & Fujitsu develops a palm reader.
  • (2008 Oct) Intus PS Hand Vein Authentication (Fujitsu Palmsecure)
  • (2011 Apr) Fujitsu Achieves World's Smallest and Slimmest Vein Sensor
  • (2011 Apr) Fujitsu lifebook E741/C embeds a palm sensor.
  • (2012 May) Fujitsu unveils its palm scanning camera on Lifebook P770/A prototype.

  • Hitachi

  • (2009) Hitachi vein homepage
  • (2004) Hitachi-HEC SecuaVeinAttestor
  • HitachiSoft Johmon
  • (2004) Hitachi soft engineering
  • Hitachi HEC
  • (2005 Nov) Demo on a car handle.
  • Front Future's Mini-Keyboard FV-1
  • (2007 Oct) Hitachi proposes a finger vein reader behind the steering wheel.
  • (2009 Jul) Vending machine (Mainichi/Japan)
  • (2009 Aug) Hitachi Unveils 3mm-thick Finger Vein Authentication Module.
  • (2008 Jun) LG-Hitachi unveils the vein ID module.
  • (2007 May) AIS offers a finger vein recognition device with a time attendance system (press release).
  • (2007 May) Konica Minolta bizhub C550 offers a finger vein authentication option.
  • (2005 Nov) Hitachi release the Flora Se210 notebook.

  • (2006 Nov) Sumitomo Reality & Development Co. has teamed up with Hitachi to create a finger vein key system.
  • (2010 Mar) Coca-cola vending machine with Hitachi's finger vein authentication.

  • (2002) Tech-Sphere (maker)
  • Advanced Biometric Technology
  • Veid VP-II
  • I-OnAsia biometric division VP-II
  • Vein Biometrics

  • VeinID

    No more links as of 2007:

  • (1998) VeinID (maker)
  • (2001) BK Systems
  • Nextern (Korea)
  • VeinId BK100s (1998) VeinId BK200s VeinId BK300s VeinId BK500s (2002)


  • Bionics VA100
  • iAccess Systems VA100, VA200 (2005)
  • Bionics VA100 VA200. Click to enlarge


  • (2000) Apogée Biometrics Livegrip (formerly Advance Biometrics)

  • Internal Biometrics

  • (2005) Internal Biometrics Spartan Shield Vein Pattern Recognition (VPR)
  • Internal Biometrics Internal Biometrics


  • (2005) Luminetx Corporation Acquires U.S. Patent for Vein-Pattern Biometric Identification

  • Actiontech

  • (2006 Dec) Actiontech CREDO is announced as a fingerprint reader on the Actiontech english website, which is NOT a fingerprint reader, but looks like to be the Fujitsu reader...

  • PosID

  • PosID
  • PosID


  • (2007 Sep) Fit Design System: Finger Vein Authentication Reader

  • CEC

  • (2007 Sep) CEC / ShenZhen CECV Finger Vein Authentication Reader

  • Olivetti

  • (2008 Mar) Olivetti releases the d-Color MF450 and d-Color MF550 with an optional finger vein reader (not fingerprint).

  • Snowflake

  • (2008 Mar) Snowflake technologies reader prototype.

  • Sony

  • (2009 Feb) Sony unveils a finger vein scanner.
  • (2009 Nov) It is released as the FVA-U1 USB-Based Mofiria Finger Vein Authentication Device

  • Sagem - Morpho

  • (2009 Mar) Sagem Sécurité and Hitachi Combine Fingerprint and Vein Recognition Technologies
  • (2009 Oct) Device is unveiled at Biomerics 2009.
  • (2011 Feb) The MorphoSmart™ Finger VP Desktop Series merge a fingerprint reader and a finger vein reader.

  • AZS

  • (2010 Apr) AZS system AG introduces a new biometric system...
  • AZS handveinscanner


  • (2011 Mar) NEC launches contactless hybrid finger scanner HS100-10

  • Biowatch

  • (2014 Sep) Biowatch at Idiap crowfunding.

  • Biometrics visitors