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Skin spectrum / Spectre de la peau

Lumidigm has established that the absorption spectrum of the skin depends on the individuals.

Lumidigm a découvert que le spectre d'absorption de la peau est dépendant des individus.

Lumidigm sensor

Several LEDs send light at different wavelenghts into the skin, and photodiodes read the scattered light, which is analyzed to perform the authentication.

Plusieurs DELs envoient de la lumière de différentes couleurs dans la peau, et des photodiodes lisent la lumière diffusées, qui est ensuite analysée pour effectuer la reconnaissance.

Lumidigm sensor
  • (2003) Lumidigm website / Lumiguard product (USA)
  • (2004 May) Qinetiq (UK, formerly DERA). Skin analyzed in visible range, possibly at a distance. No info available on the web .
  • (2005) University at Buffalo (New-York) Center for unified biometrics & sensors Sarojini Radhakrishnan's thesis
  • (2014 Feb)HID buys Lumidigm.

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