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Nose / nez

There are two biometrics specifically related to the nose:

  • The shape of the nose
  • The pores of the nose

  • Shape of the nose

    (02 March 2010) Unlike other facial features used for biometrics, such as eyes or ears, noses are difficult to conceal and also aren’t changed much by facial expression. Dr Adrian Evans and Adrian Moorhouse, from the University’s Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, decided to investigate whether images of people’s noses could be used to recognise individuals.


  • (2009) The Nose on Your Face May Not be so Plain: Using the Nose as a Biometric / Adrian Moorhouse and Adrian Evans (Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, University of Bath) Gary Atkinson, Jiuai Sun and Melvyn Smith (Machine Vision Laboratory, University of the West of England) / IET 3rd International Conference on Imaging for Crime Detection and Prevention (ICDP-09), Kingston, UK, 3rd Dec 2009.
  • Video : ITV Westcountry Tonight: Adrian Evans talks about using noses to verify identity
  • Dr Adrian Evans led the study, with collaborators from UWE
    Dr Adrian Evans led the study,
    with collaborators from UWE

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    nose types

    Pores of the nose

    Position of the pores from the nose can be used for recognition, as demonstrated by Song & als in 2009. A specific camera was used:

    And the following preprocessing steps were applied to extract the position of the pores:


  • (2009) Novel biometrics based on nose pore recognition
    Shangling Song; Kazuhiko Ohnuma; Zhi Liu; Liangmo Mei; Akira Kawada; Tomoyuki Monma
  • (2009) Nose pore recognition based on discriminant locality preserving projections
    Shangling Song ; Kazuhiko Ohnuma ; Zhi Liu ; Liangmo Mei

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