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Mouse dynamics / Déplacement de la souris

How does it work?

You have to draw something, always the same (your name or whatever) using the mouse. Some relevant characteristics are extracted (position, velocity, angle...) and used for further recognition.
Vous devez dessiner quelquechose, toujours la même (votre nom ou autre) en utilisant la souris. Quelques caractéristiques sont extraites (position de la souris, vitesse, angle...) qui seront utilisées lors de la vérification.

For more information:

From the inventor website:

  • Queen Mary, university of London
  • Info sheet + video
  • Also a proposal using the memory game from the Instituto Politecnico de Setubal (Portugal), H.Gamboa (2004). Paper at the SPIE conf. Defense & Security april 2004.
  • Webbiometrics: user verification viaweb interaction / Gamboa, Fred, Jain

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