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Fingerprint sensors manufacturing

Silicon sensors are fabricated in large clean rooms, then assembled.

Silicon foundries

  • SMIC: FPC, Silead
  • TSMC: Apple-Authentec, Synaptics
  • UMC: IDEX, EgisTech
  • Packaging

  • WLCSP (China Wafer Level CSP Co. Ltd.) is offering integrated ultrathin fingerprint module, using wafer level interconnect methods, advanced module manufacturing and many other sophisticated sensor packaging related technologies.
  • TECORÉ SYNCHEM is offering the High-K (15!) Epoxy Molding Compound GT-308 for fingerprint sensors.
  • O-Film tech is offering packaging solutions.
    Largest fingerprint identification plant (2014 Nov).

  • (2015) You will find valuable information on Serapeum blog (korean).

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