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Notes: this list does not contain fingerprint sensors using a lens (so most of optical sensors are excluded).
Sensing area is the point of interest.
0 denotes unknown values.
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About the resolution:
Many sensors are using a 500 dpi (dot per inch) resolution, which is the resolution required by the FBI for AFIS purpose. Note that this resolution is not necessary to recognize a fingerprint, as this depends a lot on the bioengine (some of them reduce the resolution in order to save CPU time).
Unfortunately, microelectronics is using the metric system, and it is more practical to design 50 micron pitch pixels, which is exactly 508 dpi (25.4 mm / 0.05 = 508). which is better than the resolution required by the FBI.
From time to time, we can see a 512 (or 513) dpi resolution, which is probably an error: if you use one inch = 25.6mm (the power of 2!) instead of 25.4mm, you get this result (25.6 / 0.05 = 512)...
The exact pitch to get 500 dpi is 50.8 micron (25.4 / 0.0508 = 500).

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