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Mobile fingerprint identification, smart card form factor.
Produits portable d'identification par empreinte ressemblant à des cartes à puces.

You will find below some portable products able to acquire and check fingerprints with a smart card form factor. That's more devices you wear for access control. See also the portable ID product and the smart card with an embedded fingerprint sensor.


  • (2003 Mar) DNP develops a concept model multi-function portable UIM-IC card reader-writer mounted with a USB/wireless interface, a liquid crystal display and a finger-print sensor (Ubinetpass series).

  • AXSionics

  • (2006 Mar) AXSionics AG proposes the AXS-Card using the TouchStrip from Upek.
  • (2006 Dec) Another version of the AXS-Card, still with the Upek sensor.
  • (2007 Dec) The ASX-ID card with an Authentec sensor (via Siemens).
  • (2009 Aug) A new version, still with Authentec.

  • BioMetAccess

  • (2006) BioMetAccess offers the DDF4-1, DDIG-1, DDCO-1.
  • BioMetAccess DDF4-1 BioMetAccess DDF4-1


  • (2007 Jan) The iCache device is able to house the data from all your credit cards, debit cards and basically anything with a magnetic stripe. Once the information is saved it’s secured by a biometric fingerprint scanner on the front. Whenever a credit card is needed for a purchase, users can select the appropriate card from the menu on the iCache gadget and the magnetic stripe on the iCache credit card will be temporarily encoded with the appropriate swipe data.

  • Pierson Capital Technology

  • (2008 Jan) The Pierson Capital Technology unveils the MobiKey System, a result of successful synergy of its biometric dynamic pin genarator with an end-to-end processing software and years of research and development. The System provides a state of the art, fully integrated, 3-Factor Authentication platform with no changes required in the banking industry infrastructure itself.
  • (2009 Sep) The Miikoo is a 4-factor authentication system (biometrics, dynamic PIN, card, Original PIN).

  • Validus

  • (2008) Validus VALIDcard pre-production card.
  • (2009 Jan) Validus VALIDcard. (requires shockwave)
  • (2010) Validus BC-25 (with Idex)

  • Quantek systems

  • (2009 Nov) Quantek offers the Go-Bio, a 4 channel high security biometric transmitter.

  • zwipe (formerly OrigoID)

  • (2013 Mar) zwipe demonstrates a "fingerprint card", wireless (MIFARE), with a swipe fingerprint sensor.
    Along with the fingerprint scanner, there are two "ground plates" which is rather unusual. Datasheet: 128x8 pixels, 508 dpi: FPC1080A from Fingerprint Cards or 1750 from Authentec, no more available, so it is the Fingerprint Cards sensor.

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