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Mobile fingerprint identification
Produits portable d'identification par empreinte.

You will find below some portable products able to acquire and check fingerprints.

See also the portable ID product looking like a smart card, but not smart card compliant.

Mainly for police applications, but also to secure your magnetic cards or communications (token).

Digital Biometrics

  • (1992) Digital Biometrics, commissioned by Harris Corporation, announces the SQUID - the Squad Car Identification Device (source: In the Beginning: Fingerprint Biometrics in Mobile ID by Darrell Geusz, BTW a quite a good historical summary)

  • NEC

  • (1997 Dec) raPID
  • NEC raPID
  • (2007 Mar) Shown at the Singapore Global Security Asia 2007.

  • Visionics

  • (2001) IBIS (formerly the SQUID?). The fingerprint was processed on the AFIS provided by Cogent.

  • Identix

  • (2001) Visionics IBIS later repackaged by Identix.

  • Datastrip

  • (2001) DSVerify2D with an optical sensor.
  • (2004) DSVII-xx with a MBF200 Fujitsu sensor.
  • (2009 May) EasyRead handheld biometric reader for the secure verification of travel documents.

  • Sagem Morpho

  • Morphotouch
  • (2005 Sep) Sagem Morpho Inc. and BrightCard present the SpringBio-RC™ containing an optical Sagem fingerprint reader.

  • Tricube

  • Tricubes T-1020 (Upek sensor)
  • (2005 May) Tricubes announces the T-1030

  • Labcal

  • Labcal's Mobile Checker SMC-500 (Upek sensor)
  • Labcal's Mobile Checker SMC-800 (Upek sensor), (2005 Aug) same as Be-U Mobile?

  • Atsonic

  • (2003 Nov) Sweetfinger
  • RPDA ToughBook


  • (2003) Nitela proposes the NSHT2 (Nitela Smart Hand Terminal) with an integrated capacitive sensor likely from Upek (256x320 pixels does not exist).

  • Miaxis

  • (2004) BioPass BP-600 with an Authentec sensor.
  • Frank Technology BioPass

  • Sygade

  • (2004) Sygade EdgePlus
  • MaxID EdgePlus Secure

  • Supercom

  • (2004) SuperCom DynaGate
  • Dynagate


  • (2005) Ewaytek Fingerprint Handheld ID Card Reader using the BMF sensor.

  • ID Solutions

  • (2005) ID Solutions announced the Wireless Handheld Open identification System WHOiS using the Upek TouchChip sensor.

  • mobID™ RF Intelligent Systems

  • (2005) mobIDTM (Mobile Identification) rugged biometric handheld computer using the Upek TouchChip sensor (?).

  • Diagnostic Instruments

  • (2005) New Product Development: fully customisable hardware platforms allows OEM's to quickly create unique mobile solutions

  • Ingenico

  • (2005) ID verification solutio based on the i8500-Bio terminal. See also the i8550-ID.

  • M.POS

  • (2005) M.POS proposes the M.Pos2002 terminal. Orange & english version
  • M.Pos2002

    Victoria Technology / Ewaytek / ZTEway Biotech

  • (2006 Mar) ZTEway Biotech Point of sale with a smart card reader.

  • Compsee

  • (2006) Compsee is offering a fingerprint module as an option for the MAT, the Mobile Application Terminal.

  • Metrologic

  • (2006 May) Metrologic releases the SP5800 Series MAXIMUS, a rugged CE.NET mobile computer with the TouchChip from Upek.

  • DAP Technology

  • (2006 May) DAP Technology releases the MICROFLEX Solutions Security, DAP's MICROFLEX CE3240 with the TouchChip from Upek.
  • (2007 Sep) The DAP CE3000B is proposed with the TouchChip from Upek.

  • China-Vision

  • (2006 Jul) CV7400 series.

  • HeliMedia

  • (2006 Jul) The Patrol Support System (PSS) is a mobile device developed for Police use and allows identification of suspects and communication with patrols and operational centres.
  • Helimedia PSS

    Changjiang Chuangyu

  • (2008 Jan) Changjiang Chuangyu offers the HDT portable device.

  • Cogent Systems (now 3M)

  • (2008) Cogent Systems offers the BlueCheck portable device.
  • (2008) Cogent Systems offers the Mobile Ident® II.

  • 3M

  • (2008 Sep) 3M Mobile ID reader.
  • (2011 Mar) MD6000 Mobile ID reader.

  • Smartmatic

  • (2008 Sep) Smartmatic Identity Management Solution PARmobile®.

  • MaxID

  • (2008) MaxID BHC-100, iDLMax iDL3ID
  • (2009 Mar): MaxID officially releases the iDLMax multimodal, rugged mobile computer with the Lumidigm Venus fingerprint reader.
  • (2010 May) The iDL500 has the same design.
  • (2010 Jul): MaxID introduces the iDL300 Handheld Biometric Multimodal Device.

  • Procsys

  • (2009 Apr) Procsys offers the ION 2600, a multi-purpose, multi-functional, universal handheld designed for a host of Point-of-Service applications. Integrated optical fingerprint sensor.

  • Amrel

  • (2009 May) Amrel releases the HBS-2 handheld rugged PC, Integrated optical fingerprint sensor, iris and facial recognition capabilities.
  • (2009 May) The DA5-B is a rugged PDA with fingerprint, iris and face recognition.

  • CEM systems (Tyco)

  • (2010 Jan) CEM Systems (Tyco) offers the S3020f portable fingerprint reader.

  • Northrop Grumman

  • (2010 Apr) Black Diamond Advanced Technology has designed and delivered to Northrop Grumman a tough, identity-management system for multi-modal biometrics collection in the field. Called the BioTRAC. Iris from Iritech + 4 fingerprint sensors.

  • Taztag

  • (2012 Jul) Taztag and National Security are developping a contactless reader with fingerprint sensor (likely Authentec-Upek TCS2) (via findBiometrics).

  • AOptix

  • (2013) AOpix offers the AOptix Stratus MX for iris, face, fingerprint, and voice biometric capture. running with an iPhone (Apple iOS), Upek flat sensor.

  • Beijing Speedata Technology

  • (2013) Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd offers several portable fingerprint scanners.

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