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Eye movement tracking
Mouvement de l'oeil

(2002) The Silesian University of Technology, Institute of Computer Science, proposes to recognize persons using the eye movement when following a target on a computer screen. Special glasses are required, using infrared light, to measure the eye moves.
L'université de technologie de Silésie propose de reconnaître les gens grâce aux saccades de l'oeil lorsqu'il suit une cible sur un écran. Une paire de lunette spéciale est requise pour mesurer ces mouvements.

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  • (2002) Eye Movement Measurement System (dead link, no more info)
  • (2010) ID-U Biometrics (Israel) technology is based on the uniqueness of a person's eye-movement patterns. The user watches a moving target on a monitor, while a small, low-resolution camera acquires the user's eye-movement response. (2014: no more access, presentation [YouTube])
  • (2012) Human eye movements as a trait for biometrical identification (University of Patras)
  • (2012) Biometric identification based on the eye movements and graph matching techniques (University of Patras)

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