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Barb Wire (1996)

  • Retinal scan is the main and only identification device. The plot is all around some special contact lenses to fool the scan.
  • Retinal scan as private building access control...
  • ...so the owner can access his flat.
  • Portable retinal scanner, used several times, mainly by the police.
  • Airport check.
  • Mission Impossible (1996)

  • Fingerprint at the elevator to access the restricted zone at the ambassy.
  • MI inserts a new identity in the computer to access the elevator...
  • ... so access is granted (funny fingerprint BTW).
  • CIA computer at Langley Headquarters protected by a voice print...
  • ...and a retinal scan...
  • ...scanning...
  • ... and matching.
  • Critical decision (1996) L'ultime décision

  • Searching for the terrorist identity using the voice...
  • ... and match Nagi Hassan.

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