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Projects: 2001-2003

Previous projects


Atmel: AMR7

The FingerChip has been connected to the Atmel AT91EB40 evaluation board for the ATMEL licensed ARM7TDMI microprocessor core AT91R40807.

FingerChip + Atmel ARM7

Citizen & IBM: the Watchpad

(October 2001) Citizen and IBM created a proof of concept, the WatchPad, a watch containing:
- Cirrus ARM EP7312 processor, running Linux
- 16 MB of Flash, 8MB of RAM
- a 320x240 monochrome reflective LCD display
- a touch sensitive screen
- jog dial, three buttons
- Bluetooth wireless communication hardware
- a two axis accelerometer
- a vibration device
- a speaker, a microphone
- infrared module
- and the FingerChip (!)

  • See the special WatchPad page for more information and images.
  • click for more information

    IdentAlink / ABS: UFIS110

    The UFIS110 is a USB fingerprint scanner made by Identalink, now ABS (Applied Biometric Systems), bundled with their bioengine.

  • ABS UFIS110
  • Identalink UFIS110 USB reader Identalink UFIS110 USB reader
  • ABS UFIS111
  • Barrytron International UFIS111
  • Ikendi: IKDEMKIT 1

    The Ikdemkit 1 is an ARM7 based stand-alone unit made by Ikendi.

  • Ikendi Ikdemkit 1
  • JS Digitech: JSF-1000

    The JSF-1000 proposed by JS Digitech is a USB fingerprint sensor plus a smart card reader.

  • JS Digitech JSF-1000
  • JS Digitech JSF-1000

    Bergdata / CDVI: BDB100, Biogate tower 1, DigitID III / DGID

    Bergdata BDB100 Bergdata DigitID III

    The BDB100 is a USD fingerprint reader made by Bergdata (now a subsidiary of CDVI).
    The DigitID III (or DGID under the CDVI brand name) is a fingerprint reader for access control, to be inserted in a wall.
    The Biotower 1 is an access control device with a fingerprint reader and a screen, to be used in the main entrance for instance.

  • Bergdata BDB100
  • Bergdata DigiID III / CDVI: DGID
  • Bergdata Biogate tower 1
  • Bergdata Biogate tower 1

    ID3 semiconductors: Certis, Biothentic

    The Certis is a USB fingerprint reader made by ID3 semiconductors, design from GMP Design.

  • ID3 Certis
  • More information and links in the peripherals page.


    The Biothentic is a full stand-alone authentication system, with a fingerprint reader and a smart card reader, made by ID3 semiconductors, design from GMP Design, using smart cards from Orberthurcs, which performs the matching for security reasons. It is also promoted by Orcanthus.

  • ID3 Biothentic
  • More information and links in the peripherals page.



    Intel: StrongARM

    The FingerChip was connected to the development board of the Intel's StrongARM. It was working under Windows CE as well as Linux.

    StrongARM development board from Intel

    Idencom: BioKey

    The BioKey is a stand-alone module from Idencom.

  • Biokey 2002 Hardware dev. kit
  • Idencom BioKey

    Technoimagia: FP-stick

    The FP-stick is a USB fingerprint scanner made by TechnoImagia.
    More information and links in the peripherals page.

  • TechnoImagia FP-stick
  • Also referenced by Mitsumi
  • (April 2004) C4 fingerred USB from Focus system
  • ABS: IFIS130

    ABS Applied Biometric Systems developped the Intelligent Fingerprint Image System - IFIS130 development board, based on the Hyperstone microprocessor.

  • IFIS130
  • DDS: UB-safe

    The UB-safe is a USB fingerprint reader from DDS (Japan).
    More information and links in the peripherals page.

  • DDS UB-safe
  • Hitachi-Cable
  • UB-safe UB-safe

    Suprema: SFM1000-FC, SFM2000-FC

    The UniFinger family from Suprema has two stand-alone module, the SFM1000-FC, StrongARM based, and the SFM2000-FC, the ARM7 based.

  • Suprema SFM1000-FC
  • Suprema SFM2000-FC
  • FingerSec FS-2000FC
  • SFM1000-FC SFM2000-FC

    Ident Technologies: FIS

    The FIS is an access control device proposed by Ident Technologies & Doepke.
    See the access control pages for more information on applications.

  • Ident Technologies FIS
  • Doepke FIS (pdf, german)
  • Click to enlarge

    SecuIT: SecuCard

    (April 2002) SecuIT fingerprint & smart card reader SecuCard.
    See info from KISA

    Astro Datensystem: ACS SecLock

    Astro proposed the ACS SecLock for access control.

    HP: iPAQ h5450 / h5550 Pocket PC

    (November 2002) HP released the iPAQ h5450, featuring the FingerChip associated to the Cogent bioengine. This was the very first PDA with a built-in fingerprint sensor.

    In 2003, HP released the h5550: the processor was upgraded as well as RAM.

    See the iPAQ page for more information and photos.

    Elsafe: Infinity biometrics

    April 2002: Elsafe announces the first biometric safe.

    November 11, 2003: Elsafe installs biometric safes at presidential suite of Waldorf towers.

  • Elsafe Infinity Biometrics

  • See also the safe page for more information and images.


    Sharp: Mebius Muramasa PC-TN1-H1W Tablet PC

    The Tablet PC Sharp Mebius Muramasa contains the FingerChip AT77C101 on the edge of the rotating screen.

    See also the notebook page for more information and images.


    The "Fingerprint Lock Module" is a stand-alone module made by Bionopoly.

  • Fingerprint Lock Module
  • Bionopoly

    Ekey: TOCAbit

    TOCAbit is a USB fingerprint reader made by Ekey.
    See also the access control page for more information.

  • TOCAbit
  • Ritto Acero fingerprint
  • ProfiTür
  • AFS aus Vaduz
  • Ekey TOCAbit

    Bromba GmbH

    Bromba GmbH tried two prototypes to evaluate ergonomics.

  • Bromba prototyping, swipe sensor devices

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