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  • (2005) ARS

  • Proberect

  • (2006 Thursday, November 16 12:00 AM ET) New Biometric Security Device Goes Deeper
    News from Proberect Corporation.

  • ID-P

  • (2007) Privacy Parody: Urine Biometric Identification (ID-Pee) A new biometrics authentication technique has been adopted, identifying or verifying theidentity of a person, based on his Urine (also known as “ID-P”). The Urine samples is expecting to be collected into central biometric database containers and some of it willbe analyzed and be transplanted or dripped on every Passport, license deriver and national card ID in Israel. (Published in "Cusemet" Underground Magazine). Via Innovya

  • Annisometure

  • (2008 Sep) The Annisometure from Doctor Bradley Annis, chief researcher at MIT's Department of Analendolgy...

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