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Fingerprint sweep sensing
Capture d'empreintes digitales à balayage

Fingerprint sweep (or swipe) sensors is a subcategory of fingerprint sensors, useful because of its lower cost production compared to static (or area) sensors.

You will find below when theses sensors appeared, as well as a detailed list of these sweep sensors, sorted by order of appearance, and the associated products in the products with sweep sensor page.

History of fingerprint sweep sensors

May: Thomson-CSF (now Atmel) demonstrated the FingerChip FC2x17, at the CTST'97.
May: Thomson-CSF demonstrated the FingerChip FC15A140.
May: Seoul University submits a paper about a capacitance swipe sensor (published April '99).
July: First prototype from Idex on its first sweep sensor.
May: Sannaedle / Cecrop demonstrates MyFin, a swipe optical reader.
May: Kinetic Sciences demonstrates the KC-901 at the CTCT.
May: Atmel unveils the FingerChip AT77C101.
May: Kinetic Sciences demonstrates a new version of their swipe optical sensor (K-1000?).
April: Idex & STm announce the development of SmartFinger.
Sept: Fingerprint Cards announces the FCP1030.
Nov: Citizen & IBM shows the WatchPad, the first watch with a built-in fingerprint reader, the FingerChip.
Feb: Fujitsu announces the MBF300, and shows it at the CTST in May.
Summer: Tima publishes about a sweep tactile sensor.
Oct: I-Control promotes the ICS3000 / PDS3000
Nov: Authentec introduces the AES2500.
Nov: STm unveils a TouchStrip prototype at the COMDEX.
Feb: Alps Electrics + Casio unveiled their "rolling-tube head" scanner.
March: STm displays the TouchStrip on the web.
May: Digital Persona unveils the Firefly, a sweep optical fingerprint sensor using a roller.
Jul: Fujitsu announces the MBF310.
Jul: Hitachi unveils the Finger Attestor, a swipe capacitance sensor.
Sept: Melfas announces the MFCS1000.
Feb: I-Control becomes Atrua and promotes "Atrua Wings" (ATW100).
Feb: Atmel announces the AT77C104, the FingerChip with integrated navigation.
Feb: Atmel announces the colored FingerChip.
March: Upek becomes a spin-off from STm.
March: Fingerprint Cards announces the FPC1031B.
March: Validity unveils the VFS101 (USB), VFS131 (SPI) & FVS161 (LPC) (RF Fingerprint imaging on flexible tape)
June: Authentec announces the AES2510, a swipe sensor + navigation, available mid-June, $6.
August: Validity unveils more info about Chip-On-Film, Module, kits...
Oct: LighTuning announces the LTT-S500, a capacitance swipe sensor.
Dec: NEC unveiled a sweep sensor prototype.
Feb: Atmel releases the FingerChip AT77C105
March: Authentec unveils the EntréPad 1510, a swipe sensor + navigation, $5.
March: Atrua announces the ATW200. No photo.
June: Mitsumi announces an optical sweep fingerprint sensor, the SEF-A1
Aug: More info about the Symwave capacitance sweep fingerprint sensor SW-6888
?: ElecVision released the EVS060A an optical sweep fingerprint sensor.
Jan: LighTuning releases the LTT-SS500, a capacitance swipe sensor.
Jan: Authentec unveils the EntréPad 1610, a swipe sensor + integrated matcher.
Jan: Bellus optical sweep sensor.
Feb: Upek displays the TouchStrip TCS4 on the web.
Aug: Fujitsu unveils the MBF320 swipe sensor.
Jan: Validity announces VFS201 & VFS202, Dual Line Imagers.
Feb: Atrua unveils the ATW300.
Mar: Authentec unveils the EntréPad 1710.

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