Fingerprint sensors

Here are the existing fingerprint sensors that are in production, excepted (simple) optical sensors, and also some prototypes from large companies.

  • Alps Electric
  • Atmel
  • ASD
  • Atrua (now Authentec) (now Apple)
  • AU Optronics
  • Authentec (now Apple)
  • BMF
  • Casio
  • Casio + Alps
  • Cecrop, KSI, Sannaedle
  • Dakty (formerly Delsy)
  • Digital Persona
  • EgisTec (formerly LighTuning)
  • ElecVision
  • E-Smart
  • Ethentica
  • Fidelica
  • Fingerprint Cards
  • FlashScan3D
  • Fujitsu
  • Hitachi
  • Idex
  • IMEN
  • Infineon (Siemens)
  • Integrated Biometrics
  • LighTuning (now Egistec)
  • LiteOn
  • Melfas
  • Mitsumi
  • NEC
  • Next Biometrics
  • New Imaging Technologies
  • NTT
  • NanoIdent
  • Picofield
  • Qualcomm (formerly Ultrascan)
  • Silicon Display Technology
  • Seiko Epson
  • Sharp
  • Sonavation
  • Sony
  • Symwave
  • Synaptics (formerly Validity)
  • TesTech / Integrated Biometrics
  • TST touchless
  • Ultrascan (now Qualcomm)
  • Upek (now Authentec) (now Apple)
  • Validity (now Synaptics)
  • Vkansee
  • Veridicom

  • Atmel

  • Atmel FingerChip , the best sensor ;-)
  • sweep thermal sensing
  • AT77C101 DIL
    AT77C101 DIL & COB

    COB color
    AT77C101 COB color

    AT77C104 COB
    AT77C104 / AT77C105

  • Activity stopped in 2008

  • Authentec

  • Authentec [FingerLoc, EntrePad]
    (manufacturer: TSMC, packaging: Signetics)
    Formerly Harris, merged with Upek in 2010. Bought by Apple in July 2012. Production no more available as of May 2013.
  • RF modulation sensing

  • AFS2

    AFS8500 / AFS 8600 / AES4000

    AES3400 / AES3500

    Swipe sensors

    AES2500 / 2510


    EntréPad 1610

    1710 / 1711

    Swipe sensors

    AES2550 / 2810

    AES1660 / 2660




  • Upek TouchChip
    Spin-off from ST Microelectronics / March 2004) Merged with Authentec in 2010, which has been bought by Apple in 2012. Note that some Upek products are now available through Digital Persona now CrossMatch.
  • Capacitive sensing.

  • TCS1CD


  • TouchStrip swipe sensor TCS3

  • TCS3B / ST


  • TouchStrip swipe sensor TCS4

  • TCS4

    TCS4 module

  • (2008 Jun) TouchStrip swipe sensor TCS5
  • (2009 Jun) The TCS5 + LED = TouchLight

  • TCS5

  • First prototype made by Unibo (University of Bologna) in 1996.

  • Fujitsu

  • Fujitsu (was the Veridicom sensor manufacturer).
  • Capacitive sensing.

  • MBF110


    Swipe sensors





  • LighTuning (acquired by Egistec in 2008)
  • Capacitive sensing
    Manufacturer: UMC

  • LTT C300

    LTT C500 (A / B with ADC, USB)

    swipe sensors / capacitive

    LTT S500
    LTT S500

    LTT SS500

    swipe sensors / RF (E-field)

    LTT SS501


  • (2008 Jul) LighTuning is now EgisTec SS801U.

  • SS801U

  • (2008) EgisTec SS901.

  • SS901

  • (2009 Dec) EgisTec ES603-AF is unveiled (All-Flat Design, black coating).
  • The ES603-WB is also released.

  • ES603-AF

  • (2014 Feb) EgisTec announces the fingerprint touch sensor ET300 and swipe sensor ES608.
  • (2015 Jan) EgisTec announces the EH570, the world’s smallest rectangle shaped fingerprint touch sensor in EgisTec’s lineup.

  • Sony

  • Sony fingerprint sensors
  • Capacitive sensing.
  • CXA3271AGE
  • CXA3621GE
  • FIU900
  • CXA3271AGE




  • (1997 May) Veridicom spin-off from Lucent
  • Veridicom 5thsense FPS 200 (same sensor as Fujitsu)
  • Capacitive sensing.
  • (2001 Dec) publication of a paper describing a swipe sensor: Innovations in fingerprint capture devices Xiongwu Xia., Lawrence O'Gorman.

  • Infineon (formerly Siemens)

  • Infineon FingerTip (2004: discontinued)
  • Capacitive sensing.
  • Infineon FingerTip

    FingerTip chip

    BMF - Hitachi

  • BMF BLP-100 pressure sensor
  • Hitachi High-Technologies also proposed the BLP-60, same technology.

  • BLP 100

    BLP 60


  • (2003 Jul) Hitachi unveils the Finger Attestor swipe capacitance sensor.

  • Finger Attestor


    Homepage: NEC SecureFinger

  • (2002 Nov) NEC SecureFinger FingerThroughII SA301
    also called PU800-30 (2006).
  • (2007 Jun) PU800-40 is a 1000dpi sensor, 18x15mm
  • (2009 Jul) Updates with the PU900-10 18x15 mm.

  • SA301

  • (2004) NEC sweep optical transmission fingerprint proto
  • (2006 Jun) PU700-20 reader is unveiled. Seems not to be exactly the same as the previous prototype.

  • sweep prototype

    sweep PU700-20

  • (2007) Updates with the SA401 and the SA701.

  • SA401



  • Security First formerly Who?Vision, Ethentica, Tality
  • electro-optical sensing
  • Ethentica

    Fingerprint Cards

  • Originally developped by Xensor

  • Homepage: Fingerprint Cards
  • FPC1010 (square sensor)
  • (2004) FPC1011C (similar to FPC1010)
  • (2008 Sep) FPC1011F
  • (2012 Jun) FPC1011F3

  • (2001 Sep) FPC1030 sweep RF modulation sensing
  • (2004 Mar) FPC1031B sweep RF modulation sensing
  • (2010 Dec) FPC1080A sweep RF modulation sensing
  • (2013 Nov) the FPC1020 is announced. RF modulation sensing
  • (2014 Apr) the FPC1021 is announced, 30% smaller.
  • (2014 May) the FPC1150 is a home button touch.
  • (2014 Nov) FPC1025 and FPC1155 touch fingerprint sensors complement FPC1021 and FPC1150.
  • (2015 Jan) Two new touch fingerprint sensors, FPC1140 and FPC1145.
  • Foundry: SMIC, packaging: Amkor.
  • CrucialTec

  • (2012 Mar) Fingerprint Cards and CrucialTec signed a Joint Development & Production Agreement
  • (2013) CrucialTec proposes the Biometric TrackPad with a swipe fingerprint sensor.
  • (2013 Feb) Demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress (Digital Trends)

  • TesTech / Integrated Biometrics

  • TesTech (Korea)
  • electro-optical sensing
  • (2009) Integrated Biometrics acquired TesTech. (product: LES650)
  • (2014) Trustsone Global (Korea) is selling product based on the TBS220
  • Bio-i sensor

    Integrated Biometrics

  • (2012 Dec) Integrated Biometrics releases Sherlock a fingerprint sensor using LES (Light Emitting Sensor) film with a thin film transistor (TFT), with live finger detection. 500dpi, 800x750 pixels.
    Just make the link with the acquisition of TesTech :)
  • (2015 Jan) Integrated Biometrics introduced its newest offering: the Columbo Desktop FAP PIV 30 Scanner.
    500dpi, 500x400 pixels.

  • NTT

  • NTT product page (japan)
  • (2004 Jun) NTT launches the FingerQuick FQB-10 with the NTT sensor.
  • (2005) NTT Innovative Technology Site P229
  • (2005 Sep) µFP 128x128 pixels 508dpi, SPI interface.
  • NTT sensor NTT sensor NTT P229 sensor
  • (2008) NTT unveils an A Fingerprint Sensor with Impedance Sensing for Fraud Detection . Sensing area is 11.2x12.8mm 508dpi (224x256 pixels) 0.5um CMOS process
  • (2011) Another paper about the same chip: Impedance-Sensing Circuit Techniques for Integration of a Fraud Detection Function Into a Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor.

  • Dakty, formerly Delsy

  • Delsy (May 2004: broken link? discontinued!)
  • Delsy (short info here, May 2004)
  • (2009) Dakty Naos-1 fiber-optic fingerprint sensor (+fake finger detection)

  • Idex

  • Homepage: Idex
  • (1998) IFF120: first sweep active AC capacitance sensing prototype, started with Sintef.

  • IFF 120

  • (2001) SmartFinger©: development with ST.

  • SmartFinger©

  • (2007 Dec) SmartFinger© IX 10-4.

  • SmartFinger© IX 10-4

  • (2010 Mar) SmartFinger© Film.
  • BTW, I successfully tried the device at the 2010 Biometric Consortium Conference.

  • SmartFinger© Film

  • (2013 Feb) A demo at Mobile World Congress 2013 showed a swiped finger over a Samsung phone: something we would like to have, but yet existing (the same fingerprint image is always displayed).
  • Fingerprint Sensor Mobile Glass Display (YouTube)
  • Swipe sensor technology demonstrated (YouTube)
  • (2014 Feb) a photo surfaces... note the square sensor. A little bit confusing with Fingerprint Cards + Crucialtec, no?
  • (2015 Jan) Ciris, a swipe, low cost AC/RF capacitive fingerprint sensor.
    Ciris is based on patented off-chip sensing concept in which the finger interface is a passive polymer substrate separated from the sensor read-out chip (ASIC), and with all I/O connections at the rear side of the sensor.
  • Note that the module is supplied by CrucialTec -> this is explaining the photo above!
  • (2015 Jan) Cardinal : touch sensor, 508 dpi, 112C x 88R = 5.6 mm x 4.4 mm
  • (2015 Jan) Eagle uses the industry leading capacitive fingerprint touch sensor technology and patents acquired from PicoField Technologies.
  • Customizable size and shape.

  • Atrua

  • (2009 July) Authentec buys Atrua $4.9M.
  • Homepage: Atrua (formerly I-Control)
  • Sweep capacitive sensing.
  • (2002) I-Control unveiled the PDS3000 (also called ICS3000).
  • (Feb 2004) I-Control becomes Atrua, and launches the Atrua Wings, product name ATW100
  • (2005 Mar) ATW200 is released.
  • I-Control PCS3000

  • (2007 Feb) ATW310 is unveiled (and used in Toshiba Portégé cellphones G500).
    Referenced as the ATW300 by Darling Industrial.
  • (2007 May) Another device appears, ATW300?
    Called ATW310 by Murata (2007 Oct).
  • Atrua ATW310
    ATW310? or ATW2xx?

    Atrua ATW

  • Merged with Authentec in 2009

  • Fidelica

  • (2004 Feb) Fidelica announced the availability of the FIS-3002, an area fingerprint sensor made on TFT.
  • Pressure sensing
  • (2006 Jun) Fidelica moves from TFT to a flexible substrate with a 256x256pixels, 508dpi pressure sensor.
    Note the flip-chip silicon chip connected to the array. 1 bit per pixel.
  • As a summary, here is the sequence:

  • MR based sensor
  • silicon cantilever MEMS
  • glass MEMS with a membrane element
  • silicon MEMS with a membrane element
  • (2008) Palios buys Fidelica.

  • Synaptics (formerly Validity)

  • Validity VFS101, VFS131 (2005 Jul), VFS161 (2006 May).
  • Sweep RF resistive sensing.
  • (2006 Aug) The SecurePad with Synaptics is using the LiveFlex™ technology from Validity.
  • (2007 Jan) VFS201 (USB) and VFS202 (SPI) using Dual Line Imaging is announced.
  • VFS101
  • (2008 May) VFS201 modules.
  • (2009 Jul) VFS301 modules are shipped to notebook PC OEMs.
  • (2009 Aug) Customizable LED fingerprint sensor
  • (2010 Jun) The VFS5111 fingerprint sensor provides tri-color LED support and enhanced performance...
  • (2012 Jun) VFS495: encryption, match-on-chip...
  • (2010 Jun) VFS5131
  • (2010 Jun) VFS5302
  • (2012 Jun) VFS6101
  • (2012 Jun) VFS6102

  • (2013 Oct) Synaptics buys Validity.
  • (2014 Apr): Chipworks tears down the Galaxy S5: confirms this is a Synaptics/Validity chip inside.
  • It seems that the metallic border of the button is used as a ground or signal line, likely useful for the sensor itself.
  • So there is the Validity chip on a flex -as usual-, but this time there are balls to go to the upper part of the button: it is likely that the conductive lines are directly done on the inside part of the button. I wonder about the number of "pixels", because the number of balls is pretty low, so likely a not so good resolution...
  • Let's call this chip the VAL004A8 :) Take care of the die mark, dated 2008, which is confusing...
  • (2014 Dec): Synaptics announces the availability of SecurePad™. A 4mm by 10mm area sensor.
  • (2015 Feb): Synaptics announces the VFS6170 slide sensor. 2.8mm thin.
  • (2015 Mar): Synaptics announces the expansion of its Natural ID™ family of solutions with mass production of its small area touch sensor for secure fingerprint authentication in smartphones, tablets, and notebook PCs.
    The minimum touch area measures 4 mm by 10 mm.
  • Year (2003) on the photo is surprising. Likely an old photo.
  • The Natural ID family as shown at MWC2015: FS4300, VFS6100, VFS7500.

  • Melfas

  • Melfas MFCS1000 sweep sensor
  • Sweep capacitive sensing.

  • Sannaedle / Cecrop / Kinetic Sciences

  • Homepage: Cecrop/Sannaedle
  • Homepage: Kinetic Sciences (KSI).
  • In 1999, Sannaedle (now Cecrop) offered a device called MyFin. At the same time, KSI offered the KC-901, which was probably the same device.
  • In 2002, Cecrop was offering the CFS2000, while KSI offered the K-1000.
  • In 2004, KSI is still displaying the device on their web site, while there is no more information about an optical roller sweep sensor on the Cecrop website.
  • Kinetic Sciences

    Alps Electric

  • (2004) Alps Electric unveiled two prototypes.

  • Pressure sensor prototype

    Flat panel capacitive prototype

    Casio + Alps Electric

  • Casio (.com website)
  • Casio (.jp website)
  • Alps Electric website
  • (Feb 2003) Unveiled the "rolling-tube head" scanner, and showed a cellphone prototype.

  • Casio

  • (2004) Casio made a optical TFT sensor prototype 368x368 pixels
    Prototype 200x240 pixels
  • The sensor can go over a regular display.
  • Offered by TechnoImagia as LS-120
  • (2008) Casio 256x300 pixels @ 508 dpi.

  • Digital Persona

  • Homepage: Digital Persona
  • (May 2003) Released the Firefly, a sweep optical roller.
  • (2014) CrossMatch buys Digital Persona
  • Digital Persona Firefly


  • TST Touchless technology, using an optical sensor.
  • sensor

    Qualcomm (formerly Ultrascan)

  • Ultrascan ultrasound fingerprint sensors.
  • (2003) UltraTouch model 203.
  • (2007 Sep) Backed by a new $5 million investment from L-1 Identity Solutions, Ultra-Scan is working to develop and make a new fingerprint reader that is much smaller than current scanners and is able to scan four fingers, instead of just one.
  • (2013 Mar) Qualcomm acquires Ultrascan.
  • Ultrascan has developped an ultrasound TFT device, 4 fingers as announced in 2007.
  • (2015 Mar) Qualcomm annouces the launch of Qualcomm® Snapdragon Sense™ ID 3D Fingerprint Technology.
  • It seems there are two demos at the MWC2015: a regular sensor, and the same(?) below a glass, to demonstrate the ability of capturing fingerprint through the display glass. In the last case, the image is becoming very noisy (this is maybe the reason why there is the logos on screen?). 3D image, they said... check out Vkansee to compare. It seems that dry fingers are still a problem...

  • NanoIdent

  • (2005 Jul) NanoIdent (Austria) flexible photo-organic fingerprint sensor prototype.
  • (2009) RIP

  • Symwave

  • (2004 Jun) Symwave (USA & China) announces a capacitive fingerprint sensor.
  • (2005 Aug) more information about the fingerprint sensor SW6888.
  • (2010 Nov) SMSC acquires Symwave
  • (2012 Aug) Microchip acquires SMSC
  • SW6888


  • (2004 May) Mitsumi demonstrates an optical sweep fingerprint sensor.
    EDN: the fingerprint sensor has a built-in linear image sensor and light-source LED in a resin-packaged unit.
  • (2005 Jun) Mitsumi (japan) announces an optical sweep fingerprint sensor, the SEF-A1
  • Likely processed by Denken semiconductors.
  • Mitsumi SEF-A1

    ElecVision / Mediatek

  • (2005) ElecVision released the EVS060A an optical sweep fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor has a built-in linear image sensor and light-source LED in a resin-packaged unit.
    (photo seems not a real photo?)
    It is used in the EVM620M module and Trilobyte Tech MB8108-EVS060 module.
  • Elecvision is acquired by Mediatek end of 2006.

  • Silicon Display Technology

  • (2005 Oct) Silicon Display Technology (Korea) unveils a serie of TFT fingerprint sensors:
    SD0250N, SD0360N, SD0360FP, SD0360FA, SD0500N (=SDF500C ?)
  • Silicon Display SD0250N Silicon Display SD0360N Silicon Display sd360fa
    Silicon Display sd360fp Silicon Display SD0500N

    LiteOn Semiconductor

  • (2006) Lite-On releases the FLB6100.
    Also distributed by Bellus
  • Lite-On FLB6100

    Seiko Epson

  • (2006 Jul) First photo of the Seiko-Epson fingerprint sensor technology.
  • Seiko Epson sensor


  • (2007 Feb) Sharp unveils a LCD / TFT fingerprint sensor at the ISSCC 2007.

  • AU Optronics

  • (2008 Oct) AU Optronics Corp. reveals a 2.8-inch, 640x480 panel that can recognize images and is detailed enough to capture fingerprints, turning the panel into both a security tool and a scanner. The LCD panel is mounted with optical sensors and a detection circuit. Each pixel is equipped with four sensors. The pixel count of the panel is 320 × 240, and the resolution of the sensor is 640 × 480, according to the company.
  • (2014 Jun) AU Optronics announce and showcase at the SID its fingerprint sensing technology with a resolution higher than 500ppi. AUO employs its specialized glass panel processing technology to trim the panel to 1.8 mm thick.
    1080x640 pixels, 508dpi, a-Si.

  • New Imaging Technologies

  • (2008) NIT New Imaging Technologies unveils the FingerShadow technology / NFP1 product (Alibaba link).

  • E-Smart Technologies

  • (2009 Mar) E-Smart unveils a flexible fingerprint sensor manufactured by BMF.
    The developed fingerprint sensor consists of a sheet of pressure-sensitive material on top of a thin-film transistor (TFT) made of amorphous or poly-crystalline silicon, with a thin stainless steel substrate (with University in Korea) (video on YouTube).

  • Sonavation

  • (2009 Mar) Sonavation unveils the SonicSlide STS3000, an ultrasonic sensor.
  • Sonavation is a spin-off from Cross-Match launched in July 2006. Technology is derived from what they called surface impedance impediography.
  • Sonavation MEMS
  • (2013 May) a new sensor is unveiled : STS3050.
  • (2013 May) ISO 7816 smart card announced (Biocryption) with the sensor.

  • Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics (IMEN)

  • (2009 Jun) The Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics (IMEN) (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) published a paper Novel Design and Fabrication of High Sensitivity MEMS Capacitive Sensor Array for Fingerprint Imaging which is defined as a capacitance pressure sensor (but is not using the electrical capacitance between the pixel and the skin, the transmission is purely mechanical).
    They started the design in 2006 (see the paper at ICSE2006 from Damghanian & als).

  • FlashScan3D

  • (2009 Sep) FlashScan3D and TBS Holding unveils a new touchless fingerprint sensor technology using Structured Light Illumination (SLI) developped by two universities (University of Kentucky and Carnegie Mellon).
  • FlashScan3D


  • (2010) ASD has developped the FPTS-22 capacitance based fingerprint sensor used in their Auth.OnCard smart card.

    This is a 8x8mm / 160x160 pixels sensor, existing in Chip on Film (COF) or Chip on Board (COB).
    TFIC Technology Foresight (Japan)

  • Picofield

  • (2011) Picofield is developping a new sensor, using a technology more or less derived from Validity (the R&D responsible was formerly Validity) but not swipe-based. It looks like a regular capacitive touchpad, but with a higher resolution (images from patents).
  • (2013) Idex is set to acquire the assets and intellectual property rights from PicoField Technologies.

  • UC Berkeley Swarm lab

  • (2013) The Swarm lab of Berkeley is developping an ultrasonic sensor. See also the sensor electronics research group. (feb 2014) No image available.

  • Next Biometrics

  • (2013 Dec) Next Biometrics becomes public and unveils a new active thermal sensor, composed of an area sensor (LTPS -Low Temperature Poly Silicon- Thin Film Transistors and Devices) on + a silicon companion chip to drive and read the sensor.
    All proposed products are using the same TFT sensor, 385dpi, 11.9 mm*16.9 mm, in PCB or FPC:

  • NB-1010-S : SPI interface, NB-1010-U : USB interface, NB-2010-S : customizable

  • (2015 Feb) NB-2020-S (serial interface)
  • (2015 Feb) NB-1011-S (serial interface), likely an update of the NB-1010-S?

  • Vkansee

  • (2015 Jan) Vkansee formally released UTFIS, an ultra-thin optical fingerprint sensor, at the CES.

  • UTFIS uses advanced pinhole imaging techniques to take a high-resolution image that requires neither a lens system nor a prism for reflecting the light.
    2000dpi, 1.5mm thick, size: 11,25 × 7 mm (TBC), 8x12 pinholes

  • Announces that a fake finger can spoof an Apple Touch ID sensor (not a big deal), but not their sensor (it would be better to stay humble on that subject...), thanks to the third level features (pores).

  • See the sensor working on this video from mobiwatchEN
  • See the sensor working on this video from CNET, with a not so contrasted image, likely from a dry finger (bad luck, guys).

  • Biometrics visitors