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Flash drives with a built-in fingerprint sensor
Clé USB avec un capteur d'empreinte digitale intégré

You will find below flash drives (disk-on-keys, USB drives) containing a built-in fingerprint sensor, sorted by company, chronological order of appearance.

In June 2007, there is the first iris-based flash drive released by Rehoboth Tech


  • (2003 Feb) Puppy FIU 900 Memory stick. Sony sensor.
  • FIU 900
  • (2004 Feb) Puppy FIU 810 . Sony sensor.
  • (2007 Jul) Upgraded to 2GB
  • (2003 Nov): Biometric Microvault 128MB using the Authentec sensor.
  • (2004 Jun) PocketBit USM-F 128MB using the Authentec sensor.
  • (2006 Jan): Sony unveils at the CES the Micro Vault with Fingerprint Access using the Authentec slide sensor.

  • Ritech International

    Ritech International (Hong-Kong)

  • (2002 Jan): BioSlimDisk, fingerprint sensor from Sony.
    Also distributed by:
  • Index Security: Biostik
  • VME: BioDrive
  • BioPico
  • Ritech BioSlimDisk Index Security BioStick
  • (2004 March): Ritech announces the BioSlimDisk iCool containing the Upek TouchStrip.
  • (2005 May): Ritech unveils the iDEA containing the Upek TouchStrip.
  • Ritech iDEA
  • (2009 Apr): Ritech unveils the Signature containing the Upek TouchChip.
    Is the Bioslimdisk so secure?

  • Trek

    Trek Thumdrive

  • (2002 Jan): Thumbdrive Touch G3 128MB, using the Sony sensor.

  • also distributed by
  • Logitec LWN-BF16U
  • A version using an Authentec sensor also existed, plus some others.
  • (2004 May): Thumbdrive Swipe, using the swipe-type Upek sensor.
  • Avesta

  • Memory Experts

    Memory Experts (Canada)

  • (2003) Memory Experts launches the ClipDrive Bio using the Authentec fingerprint sensor.

  • Also distributed by:
  • (2004 Jan): Think Computer Products : U-Key-Com FIDA(TM) Drive.
  • (2004) VME Biodrive XP
  • (2004) SAFLink: Safdrive
  • (2003 Aug) Cyclades: AlterPath Bio
  • (2003 May) Wis@key: CertifyID
  • Jadetec
  • (2004 May) Ceelox / SyncItBaby BioBaby
  • (2005 Mar) Xelios: Secure Bio Drive
  • (2005 Mar) Vol protect: Secure Bio Drive
  • (2006) BioCert Odyssey ClipBio
  • Memory Experts ClipDriveBio

    Xelios Secure Bio Drive Vol Protect Secure Bio Drive
  • (2005 Nov) Memory Experts launches the Stealth MXP using the Upek fingerprint swipe sensor.
  • (2006) Safeboot Phantom
  • Stealth MXP Safeboot Phantom
  • (2010) Stealth MXP Bio using the Upek fingerprint swipe sensor.
  • (2010 May) Imation Defender F200
  • Imation defender F200


    Navi (Korea)

  • (2003 Jul) Touch Disk with the Fingerprint Cards sensor.

  • Also distributed by:
  • IOCell (Korea) TouchDisk
  • CellDisk CellDisk.Bio
  • AcciMetrix TouchDisk (USA)

  • Tadport Technology

    Tadport (Taiwan) FP100, FP101, FP102, FP103

  • (2003 Nov) GP- FT875 MYSTERY TOUCH USB using an Authentec sensor.
    etmag, Mystery Touch, rare mono shop (japan)
    uses Bio-Move, same software than Avlinx
  • Shenzhen Uni-Brains NM-M11A
  • Bio Move Finger

  • Linpo China

    I believe that the following products are manufactured by Linpo China, but well, I'm not that sure... Some products are obviously the same with different brand names (Bioflash / Biodisk...), but sometimes, the specifications are not correct.

    BDS-2A: the Veridicom version

    This is a version using the Veridicom sensor (the brand name is visible on the photo).
    Announced as having a 224x288 sensor, which is not the size of the Veridicom sensor, but is the size of the (discontinued) Infineon sensor (this is the only existing sensor with this size).
    Note that the Plexuscom photo is exactly the same as the wshield photo, extracted and reworked.

  • Flash Disk BDS 2A.
  • PlexusCom / Win-first BD002-A
  • Pilotech Systems Biodisk BD002A 224x288 500dpi
  • w-shield BDS-1A 224x288 500dpi
  • Shanghai Fingertech Information FT-160 probably announced around Nov 2003, seems to be the same, maybe an early prototype.

  • Linpo BDS-2A
    Fingertech FT 160 (10nov2003)
    BDS-1A: Biodisk / Bioflash
  • (2004) Flash Disk BDS-1A using the L500 sensor from LighTuning.
  • Under the generic brand (but not always) BioDisk or BioFlash, this product exists under several avatars.
    Sensor from LighTuning, but very often, announced as having a 224 x 288 pixels sensor, which is the announced size of the previous version with the Veridicom sensor, but size is incorrect and is exactly the size of the Infineon sensor, which has been discontinued...

    Linpo BDS-1A

    Announced as having a 224 x 288 pixel array / 508dpi sensor, 5 finger slots to enroll.

  • Aimgene (Taiwan) BDS-1A
  • Netstor (Taiwan) NU480Z
  • FutureCom Global Biopen drive 224x288 500dpi 5 fingers
  • Veracity: UFD-F-Disk 224x288 500dpi 5 fingers
  • Shanghai eWaytek BioFlash DFS 100

  • Announced as having the LighTuning LTT-C500 sensor (192x236/9.6x11.8mm/500dpi).

  • (2004 Feb) PlexusCom (Taiwai) Biodisk. Same company as Win-first
    Biodisk/Bioflash seems to be launched at the CES 2004 January (FutureGlobal)
  • Pilotech Systems: Biodisk
  • Idynta USB Bio-drive
  • Novodata Biodisk
  • Aplux Biodisk FPF02
  • Imagenix
  • USBflash Calibre bioflash
  • AKT Bioflash
  • Casemouse Bioflash Goldfinger
  • Zalix Bioflash
  • Shenzhen Comtech Electronics BF-001
  • The Bioca-160 is announced with a copy/paste from the Bioca-120, but Mazziot announced the 9.6x11.8mm sensor ;-)

  • Shanghai Fingertech Information Bioca-160 400dpi 14x12mm (no change compared to Bioca-120!) Also called FT160.
  • Also in the homepage www.bioca.cn
  • Mazziott Bioca 160 (=fingertech) 9.6x11.8mm

  • Not specified:

  • Linkyo Bio-drive MEY03X0151-001
  • BioMetric USB Pen Drive
  • Microflash Finger Print Security Key
  • Entique Bioflash (importateur australien)
  • EP / ACP EPUSBFP ?x? 500dpi 5 fingers
  • US Modular USBFB -no datasheet-
  • Zalix US Modular USBFP
  • (2005) Cardmedia Biodisk USB 2.0 with the L500 LighTuning sensor.
  • (2005 Apr) Kanguru Bio Drive USB 2.0
  • Didigo USB drive
  • BDS-3A
  • Flash Disk BDS 3A with the L500 LighTuning sensor.
  • Urtrend Goldfinger UBF-102
  • (2004 Nov) Hagiwara Sys-Com UD Finger
  • Linpo BDS-3A Urtrend UBF-102
    B & J / Comtech electronics
  • (2005) BJM-813 using the C500 sensor from LighTuning. B&J is likely not the manufacturer, an avatar of one of Linpo products?
  • (2005) Comtech Electronics U20
  • BDS-3AS
  • (2004 Dec) Sweep Flash Disk using the S500 sensor from LighTuning.
  • Linpo sweep flash disk
  • (2006 Mar) Linpo seems to have changed the BDS-3AS : Authentec sensor
  • (2006 Jul) Buffalo RUF2-FS
  • (2006 Nov) Kanguru Bio Slider II with an Authentec sensor.
  • BDS-4AS
  • (2005) Comtech Electronics project? Swipe sensor from LighTuning?
  • (2006 Mar) Linpo seems to have changed the BDS-4AS : Authentec sensor?
  • (2006 May) Aigo with an Authentec sensor.
  • BDS-6AS
  • (2007 Nov) Linpo announces the DragaStick BDS-6AS with an Atrua sensor (ATW310 announced)
  • ZTEIC Bio-Tokendisk
  • (2005?) The Bio-Tokendisk from ZTEIC can accept several sensors. Here is a version with the small square Authentec sensor.

  • Priva Technologies

    Priva (USA)

  • (2004 Feb) ClearedKey

  • Shenzhen Comtech Electronics

    Optical fingerprint reader Shenzhen Comtech Electronics www.kt909.com


  • (2004 May) Ascent.
  • Busybits
  • Century Mien HIP BioFlash
  • Bioflash


    Aratek (China) Fingokey (was Avlinx?)

  • (2004 Jun) Fingo Key with an Authentec sensor.
  • Shenzhen Uni-Brains NM-M11C

  • Also distributed by
  • Ultra: TC3G
  • Alestron: Biosecure CE-SEC-0001
  • Linkyo Pro MEY03X0150-001
  • ARP Datacon
  • NetSolar FingoKey

  • Alestron other design? cannot work, the drive ring is missing... ARP datacon. Better design for the sensor.
  • Aratek Fingo xxx
  • NetSolar Bio-Ukey
  • NetSolar Fingo Module

  • NTT

  • (2004 Jun) The FingerQuick FQB-10 is released, using the NTT fingerprint chip.
  • (2005 Dec) NTT shows a USB key prototype using their brand new sensor.

  • Loqware

    Loqware (Sweden) = Precise Biometrics since Aug 2005

  • (2004 Aug?) Loqflash using the Fujitsu MBF200 sensor.

  • Newport Scientific Research

    Newport Scientific Research (USA)

  • (2004 Aug) Newport Scientific releases the FBiDrive V2 (Fingerprint Biometric Identify) using an Authentec AES3400 EntrePad.

  • Lexar


  • (2004 Sep) The TouchGuard containing the swipe sensor from Fujitsu is released.

  • Sunneo


  • (2004 Sep) USB Flash Disk using a Upek sensor.

  • Veridicom


  • (2004 Oct) Veridicom lauches the VKI containing its FPS200 sensor.

  • Sellgino

    Homepage: Sellgino telecom

  • (2004 Nov) Bio flash drive (N3-1) using an Authentec AES3400 EntrePad.
  • (2006) Distributed by Calibre

  • Kouwell

    Kouwell & biometric products.

  • (2004 Dec) USB Flash Key KW-7289 using an Authentec AES3400 EntrePad.

  • (2005) USB Flash Key KW-7289L using a Lightuning sensor.
    Likely the same as the Pretec i-Disk touch flash drive.
  • Koutech 7289L-2 seems the same in white.
  • (2006) Aratek FKS650
  • (2005) USB Flash Key KW-7289LS using a swipe fingerprint sensor.
  • Kouwell 7289ls. Click to enlarge
  • (2005) USB Flash Key KW-7289UN using an Authentec sensor.
  • Kouwell KW-7289un. Click to enlarge
  • (2005) USB Flash Key KW-7289UL using an Authentec sensor.
  • Kouwell KW-7289ul. Click to enlarge


    Bionopoly / FingerGear

  • (2005 Jan) Bio-USB flash drive using the FingerChip sweep sensor.
  • (2005 Jan) Fingerprint Passcode Generator
  • (2005 Jan) Bio-USB PLUS combines the two previous devices.
  • (2005 Jul) Products are released under the FingerGear brand.

  • SanDisk


  • (2005 Mar) Introduction of the Cruzer® Profile using the Upek swipe sensor.

  • A-Data / Abomem / CardMedia

    Card Media Storeguard

    Abomem Secure Mobe

  • (2005 Jul) Card Media announces the Storeguard with the Authentec swipe sensor.
  • (2005 Aug) ID-Confirm launches the same product under his brand.
  • (2005 Nov) Kanguru Bio Slider
  • (2005 Nov) Landis & Gyr Taiwan Secure Mobe StorPen-F10
  • (2005 Nov) Abomem i-Secure USB
  • (2006 May) Memory Corp Hi-Speed Biometric USB Disc
  • (2006) Singo is able to put your logo on the FPU-010
  • (2005 Nov) A-Data Myflash FP1 with a Lightuning swipe sensor.
  • (2006 May) Princeton PFU-XCxx XIAO Clef
  • (2005) Abomem Secure Slider with a Lightuning swipe sensor.
  • (2006 Dec) Edge DiskGo.

  • Realm Systems

    Realm Systems

  • (2005 Aug) Realm Systems unveils the BlackDog with the Authentec sensor.
  • Realm mps
  • (2006 Jan) Realm Systems unveils the iD3 ultra-mobile server with an Authentec sensor.
  • Realm Systems iD3 Realm Systems iD3
  • (2009 Jan) Inaura K9 UMAK.
  • Inaura K9 UMAK

    PC Winner International

    PC Winner International

  • (2005 Aug) PC Winner unveils the FP-51 Bioflash with the LighTuning sensor.
  • (2009 Feb) cocos-fingerprint silver
  • (2006) ThumbMax FP53 with an Authentec? swipe sensor.
  • (2006) ThumbMax FP71 with the LighTuning swipe sensor (same as Abomem Secure Slider)
  • ThumbMax FP81 (same as Abomem I-Secure USB)
  • (2008 Mar) PC Winner releases the ThumbMax FP91C Fingerprint Flash drive.

  • Miaxis


  • (July 2005) Miaxis SafeFlash
  • (2005 Oct) Smart Wireless unveils the Safe Flash with the Authentec sensor.
  • Miaxis SafeFlash
  • (2008) Miaxis FU-31A Fingerprint Safe Flash Authentec sensor.

  • B & J Industrial (Shenzhen) Limited

    B & J Industrial (Shenzhen) Limited (China) -manufacturer?

  • (2005 Jun) BJM-820 with a Symwave swipe sensor.

  • B & J Biometrics

  • (2006 May) B&J BioU-S600, Validity (?) sensor.
  • (2006 May) B&J BioU-S500, swipe Symwave sensor.
  • (2006 May) B&J BioU-SL500, swipe LightTuning sensor.
    BioR-SL500, BioU-SS500.
  • Sunzone BioSmartkey-SL50
  • (2006 Oct) B&J BioU-SL600, LighTuning sensor?

  • UD WR technology

    UD WR Technology

  • (2005 Nov) UDWR UD Finger 2 for the Hagiwara Sys-Com UD-Finger 2 with an Atrua fingerprint swipe sensor.

  • Shenzhen Yunpeng Technology


  • (2005 Nov) Yunpeng offers the YFK-CYF01
  • Yunpeng YFK-CYF01


    Startek (Taiwan)

  • (2005 Nov) BioIDisk FD100 with a swipe sensor from LighTuning.
  • Startek BioIDisk FD100


  • (2005 Dec) Pretec announces the i-Disk Touch with a LighTuning fingerprint swipe sensor.
  • (2006 Mar) Pretec shows the i-Disk Connect at the Cebit with a LighTuning fingerprint swipe sensor.

  • Jstac

    Jstac (Taiwan)

  • (2006 Jan) V500 flash drive with a swipe sensor from LighTuning.
  • (2006) The Athena A150 is the reader only version.

  • Bellus

    Bellus (Taiwan)

  • (2006 Jan) Bellus BioKey flash drive with an optical swipe sensor from Lite-On.
  • Bellus Biokey. Click to enlarge Bellus Bellus LiteOn


    Jujo (Japan)

  • (2006 Jan) Jujo BioBio/Cody with a swipe / area sensor from Authentec.
  • Jujo BioBio/Cody 1D Jujo BioBio/Cody 2D


    Sanwa (Japan)

  • (2006 Mar) Sanwa FP-FL128 with a swipe / area sensor from Atrua.
  • Datafab FIN010

  • Pico Finger

  • (2006 Feb) Green House Pico Finger with the FingerChip from Atmel.

  • Bioflash E

  • (2006?) Bioflash E with an ElecVision sensor (AproTechnology)

  • Rocky Mountain Ram

  • (2006 Apr) Rocky Mountain Ram Fingerprint Biometric Drive with a swipe fingerprint sensor from Atrua. Likely not the manufacturer.
  • Custom USB Secret Agent Drive
  • EDV fingerprinter
  • dynaTRON Pendrive
  • Hypertec 512MB HyperDrive

  • Victoria Technology / Ewaytek / ZTEway Biotech

  • (2006 Mar) EFU-200 flash drive with the FingerChip.
  • (2006) Ririhong RH7028 (wrong description of the sensor)
  • (2006) Ririhong RH7038
  • (2006 Oct) Ewaytek EFU-300 flash drive with the FingerChip.

  • Wewa

  • (2006 Mar) Wewa offers the MX-100. LightTuning sensor? Made by Kawau?
  • GrandHero USBDISKsecure
  • Innovative International Biometric BioFlash mini
  • (2006 Dec) Elecom CR-FP3M512
  • (2008 Aug) Eagletec (8G)
  • (2008 Nov) iFingo

  • ?

    Here are two similar products -but not exactly the same-.
    Who is the original manufacturer?
    I got the feeling that the first version is only a prototype.

  • (2006 Jan) HONG-JI GIFTS offers a Pendrive using a Symwave fingerprint swipe sensor. Likely only a reseller. See also Chinavasion
  • HuaXu Wealth (Shenzhen) Digital Co., Ltd. Fingerprint Pen Driver BioPrint .
  • (2006 May) Shenzhen BXing Electronic bioprint secure flash drive.
  • Pendrive
  • (2006 Mar) ZTEway Biotech EFU-100 FingerMan flash drive.
  • (2006 May) BioCert ClipBio Pro. Symwave fingerprint sensor. Distributed by Artemis.
  • (2006 May) Goldfinger
  • (2006 May) Xinowei xow 6103
  • (2006 Mar) ICB-Tech S5129B
  • (2006 Jun) Ririhong RH7018
  • A&P Electrical AP-FPD88
  • (2010 Jan) Jingwah digital H1
  • AP-FPD88
  • (2008 Jun) ujdm-050(C) by jmdeast.

  • ThinLinX

  • (2006 Apr) ThinLinX announces the "Hot-e" ® USB Key with Finger print scanner.

  • IOCell

  • (2006 Apr) IOCell offers the BioDrive with LightTuning LTT-SS500 sensor.
  • Kawau

  • (2006 Mar) Kawau displays some flash drives FU201.
    LighTuning SS500 sensor.
  • (2006 May) XX-fingerprint in Italy.
  • Freesat

  • (2006 Mar) Freesat offers the i-Magic FD-100 (Fingerfish).
  • Marnet

  • (2006 Mar) Marnet offers the MT-FU1 and the MT-FU2.
  • Comsol

  • (2006) Comsol offers the UFF-0512.
  • Comsol UFF-0512


  • (2006) Yacya UFD-03.
  • Elecom

  • (2006 Dec) Elecom CR-FP2.

  • Shenzhen Innosys Industrial

  • (2006 Apr) Innosys Fingerprint flash disk ZFP-001 & ZPW with a LightTuning swipe fingerprint sensor.
  • (2006 May) ZPW-4 with a Symwave swipe fingerprint sensor.
  • (2006 Sep) Ewaytek proposes the SHU-10
  • (2006 Dec) Bio Disk
  • (2007) Biometrx SmartSTIK

  • Singo

  • (2006 Mar) Singo offers to customize the FPU-085.
  • (2005 Dec) Singo offers to customize the FPU-086.

  • Aramis?

  • (2006) Aramis SweepGuard using an optical sweep fingerprint sensor from Elecvision?

  • Beijing Enliven High-tech

  • Beijing Enliven High-tech offers an optical fingerprint flash disk

  • Transcend

  • Transcend offers the JetFlash 210 Fingerprint USB Flash Drive with the LighTuning swipe sensor.
  • (2007 Jul) JetFlash™ 220

  • Jingwah Digital

  • Jingwa Digital Shancun with the Symwave swipe sensor.
  • (2006 Jul) Newman
  • BioMETRX" SmartStik
  • Beijing Newman Ideal Digital Technology Co., Ltd : Newsmy

  • TwinMOS (Aigo)

  • (2006 Aug) TwinMOS unveils the Fingerprint Mobile Disk F1 likely with a LighTuning swipe sensor.
  • () Aigo UR-P387

  • ?

  • (2006 Nov) Aratek FKS680 / FSK180
  • (2008 Aug) ADB

  • AOMG

  • (2006 Sep) AOMG unveils the ZMA (Mizhi) with a Symwave swipe sensor.

  • Chuyar

  • (2006 Oct) Chuyar USB flash drive with a Symwave? swipe sensor.
  • Islion

  • (2006 Nov) Islion offers the UF002 which seems very close, but not exactly the same.

  • Buslink

  • (2006 Oct) Buslink BBM-1G with a Symwave? swipe sensor.
  • Buslink BBM-1G


  • (2006 Nov) Yifang ED782H with a ? swipe sensor.

  • Ritek

  • (2006 Nov) Ritek (Advanced Media) announces the RIDATA Fingerprint USB Flash Drive EZ-Drive Defender model ID31 with a ? swipe sensor.

  • Secure Design SDKK

  • (2006 Dec) Secure Design (formerly TechnoImagia) unveils the iTube with a Fingerprint Card sensor.

  • Beijing Bioshield Technology

  • (2007 Jan) Beijing Bioshield Technology offers the Bioshield Key with a swipe sensor from Lightuning(?)

  • Apacer

  • (2007 Sep) Apacer announces the Handy Steno AH620 with a swipe sensor from Lightuning.

  • Tsinghua Tongfang

  • (2007 Nov) Tsinghua Tongfang unveils the USB key? with a swipe sensor from Symwave.

  • LG

  • (2007 Dec) LG releases the biometric USB drive with a swipe sensor from Lightuning.

  • DNKI

  • (2007 Dec) DNKI releases the Dragon Security USB with the AES2510 swipe sensor from Authentec.

  • HiSight

  • (2008 Jan) HISIGHT Tech. Co offers the HSUD100-S/M/F with a Fujitsu MBF310 MBF200 / Symwave SW6888 / LightTuning FPC1101 C500 .

  • Changjiang Chuangyu

  • (2008 Jan) Changjiang Chuangyu offers the Jump Drive with an optical swipe sensor.

  • Eser Science & Technology Dev. / AEM

  • (2008 Apr) Eser offers the U-key & U-key Desktop with a Symwave? swipe sensor.
  • (2008 Apr) Eser offers the Fingerzen U-key with a Symwave? swipe sensor.
  • The Orient device seems very close! But with another sensor.

  • MoreDNA Technology

  • (2008 Apr) MoreDNA releases the BCF-2BO with the Mitsumi SEF-A1 swipe fingerprint sensor.
  • (2008 Apr) MoreDNA releases the BCF-3AO card reader with an optical swipe fingerprint sensor (Mitsumi).
  • (2008 Aug) MoreDNA unveils a new version with an Atrua sensor.
  • (2008) A-SOI6 containing the MD2001 module.

  • Buffalo

  • (2008 Mar) Buffalo releases the RUF2-FHS Fingerprint Flash drive, Atrua fingerprint sensor (manufacturer Phison?).

  • Use

  • (2008 May) Use releases the UTC101, client Leia.

  • Embiometrix

  • (2007) Embiometrix Embio reader.

  • ?

  • (2008) unknow USB flash drive with an ElecVision sensor .

  • Victorinox

  • (2009 Jan) Victorinox unveils the swiss army knife Presentation Pro.
  • (2010 Jan) Victorinox unveils the Presentation Master.

  • Leyio

  • (2009 Jan) Leyio annouces the PSD, sharing data using UWB (Ultra Wide Band).

  • Gresso design studio

  • (2009 Jan) Gresso design studio's Pandora.

  • Coco

  • (2009 Feb) coco-trust.

  • CVGI

  • (2009 Jul) CVGI K38 is proposed by Chinavasion (well, I was not able to identify the manufacturer) with the Atrua ATW310 fingerprint sensor.

  • Orient

  • (2010 Oct) Orient releases the Finger Print USB 2.

  • Biometrics visitors