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Biometrics, but no identification
Biométrie sans identification

Here are some biometrics that perform a weak identification, not an individual identification.
Voici quelques technologies biométriques qui sont une forme faible d'identification, mais pas une identication formelle d'un individu.

Proximal Phalanx / Age identification

It is interesting to know the age group of an individual, just to define its access rights (for instance to restrict access to mature content).
Il est intéressant de connaître l'age d'un individu, simplement pour définir ses droits d'accès (par exemple pour restreindre l'accès aux contenus adultes).

I-Mature proposes an age group recognition system.
Technical information : i-Mature performs a safe, non-invasive test with very low frequency of ultrasound waves, to determine the bone status of the user’s finger. The location of performed measurement is the Proximal Phalanx of the third finger.


Finger pressure

(2006 Sep) The Bio-Metric Scanner Room Guard announces nosy brothers or sisters trying to enter, while allowing silent entry only to the person whose hand matches the five-finger pressure-sensitive password. An alarm sounds if an “intruder” tries to enter! This electronic sentinel fits all doors and uses 3 AA batteries (sold separately). 3" x 5". Ages 9+.

Bio-Metric Scanner Room Guard

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