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Air Force One (1997)

  • Secret service identity check before accessing Air Force One.
  • Fingerprint is scanned using the PC TFT screen :o|
  • "Scanning" is performed...
  • ... Egor Korshunov identified.
  • Alien 4 Resurrection (1997)

  • General Perez's breath recognition access control. Needed 2 tries to enter.
  • Later spoofed with a spray...
  • ... after 3 tries.
  • Gattaca (1997)

  • Gattaca is all about DNA analysis to identify individuals, using various media. Note that Gattaca is made of letters from amino-acid constituting DNA.
  • Building access control...
  • where a drop of blood is taken by a machine and analyzed (a little bit hurting, but people seems to get used to that!).
  • Vincent uses a false skin with a pocket of blood from Jerome to spoof the device.
  • One eyelash is enough for further analysis...
  • ... and get identified.
  • Police is able to collect saliva or blood ..
  • ...using a portable device...
  • ...for immediate identification purpose.
  • Men in Black (1997)

  • Deleting James Darell Edwards III identity.
    Certificate of birth with footprints.
  • Deleting fingerprints.
  • Deleting (burning?) fingerprints.
  • Tomorrow never dies (James Bond) (1997)

  • Face recognition to identify Henry Gupta, one of the terrorists.
  • Q gives Bond the cell phone with the fingerprint scanner.
  • Fingerprint protected safe: scanning the latent print on the sensor with the cell phone...
  • ... and opening, giving back the fingerprint.
  • Fingerprint sweep sensor activated glove compartment safe.
  • Double Team (1997)

  • Hand recognition...
  • ...to check Quinn identity.
  • Identity is regularly checked in the appartement, using fingerprint...
  • ... and user must stay until cleared.
  • Quinn uses a scalpel to slice off a thin layer of fingerprint...
  • ... glued on an eraser to fool the fingerprint reader.

    Well, in 2006 in the real world, someone has sliced off the skin of his foot...
  • Face/Off (1997) / Volte-Face

  • Voice match to adjust the implanted chip in Sean's throat to mimick Castor's voice.
  • One guard opens a high security jail door with his thumb.
  • Le Cinquième Element / The Fifth Element (1997)

  • Leeloo identification tentative by the police...
  • ...searching...
  • ... failed.
  • He is not Korben Dallas...
  • ... but a Mangalore = security alert!
  • The Creeps (1997)

  • David Raleigh manages to find out who stole the book by using fingerprints off the fake copy.
    Crazy glue...
  • ...reveals the latent print...
  • ...searching.
  • Total Reality (1997)

  • Iris recognition in the Ganymede jailhouse.
  • "approved"
  • Mercury Rising (1997) Code Mercury

  • fingerprint to access...
  • ...the cyphering computer.

  • Biometrics visitors